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General information

Ice Rink is closed.


Harju Street ice rink


This is a unique pop-up ice rink located at the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town which opens at the beginning of December and closes at the end of March or in early April when the spring sunshine sets in.


It is a classic open-air rink located next to the historic St Nicholas’ Church to which all city residents and tourists are welcome. Cosy lighting, entertaining music, a warm café where you can thaw out if you need to – all of this ensures an unforgettable skating experience!


Since the rink is located at the very heart of the city, it is difficult to resist temptation and just walk by. Children and parents, groups, friends, schools – come alone or bring others with you!


Nothing compares to the feeling you’ll get from the historic ice rink – the magical memories of the experience will remain with you forever!



Ice maintaining sessions (15 min)


Monday to Friday




Saturday to Sunday



Tallinna Vanalinn, Harju tn.
Phone: (+372) 5624 6739E-mail:
Ice Rink is closed!